Largest foreign investor in the Chinese electricity sector, EDF holds three coal-fired power plants with a total net installed capacity of 1,773.8MW.

Jiangxi Fuzhou

EDF and China Datang Corporation joined forces in 2014 to build and operate a coal-fired power plant (2 X 1,000 MW) in Fuzhou in Jiangxi province. The plant is based on ultra–supercritical technology that ensures high efficiency while also reducing environmental impact. The joint-venture is split between EDF (49%) and Datang (51%).

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Shandong SZPC

EDF has a 19.6% share of Shandong Zhonghua Power Company SZPC, the owner of two fossil fired power plants with a total capacity of 1,800 MW. Back in 1997, EDF’s involvement with SZPC represented the largest joint-venture project ever developed in the Chinese power sector.

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Henan Sanmenxia

Since 2009, EDF has been a 35% shareholder in Datang Sanmenxia Power Generation Co., Ltd. (DSPC), a fossil fired power plant using supercritical technology with a total capacity of 2 x 600 MW.

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