China is identified by EDF Group as one of the key areas for international development.

EDF has been operating in China for 40 years and become one of the largest foreign investors in China’s power generation sector.

Since the mid-80’s, EDF participated in the first large-scale nuclear power project in China as technical head. EDF made active contribution to the Chinese nuclear industry by participating in the construction of Daya Bay nuclear power station.

Over the years, EDF activities in China have diversified to thermal, renewables, R&D, integrated energy services and engineering consultant services. 

EDF is one of the few foreign investors in nuclear production in China through its participation in the construction and operation of two 1,750 MW EPR reactors in Taishan.

EDF has participated in the construction and operation of two offshore wind farms in Jiangsu Province, which is the first sino-foreign offshore wind project in China.

EDF holds shares in coal-fired power plants in Shandong, Henan and Jiangxi provinces.

EDF activities in China are centered on partnerships that open doors to new business opportunities and activities geared towards nuclear, renewable energy, R&D and energy efficiency.