PFCE is committed to promoting the safety and competitiveness of nuclear power generation through the continued involvement of French companies in the construction of nuclear power projects in China, in particular through their presence in China and the establishment of partnerships with industrial players in the fields of nuclear power plant design, manufacture, construction, control, maintenance and decommissioning of nuclear power plants.

Created in 1997, the association now gathers around 50 member-companies (mainly SMEs and mid-caps), which are historical nuclear suppliers of EDF, providing equipment and services to NPPs all around the world.

PFCE’s members are all qualified suppliers in the nuclear field in France, with more than 1,600 reactor-years of experience in France, 40 years of proven expertise and service experience through international standards. Most of them have worked with Chinese nuclear industrials in GEN2 and GEN3 projects in the past 30 years and thus have a solid experience in the Chinese market. 

Their activities cover the full scope of nuclear power plant construction areas, from engineering to dismantling and waste, and all sectors.

Besides GIFEN, the trade association of the French nuclear industry, PFCE’s main missions are:

  • Sharing mutual experiences on the French and Chinese nuclear programs

  • Developing sustainable partnerships and cooperation between French and Chinese companies

  • Providing & selling services to the Chinese nuclear industry, especially in light of our long experience from the French program