EDF’s first public cooling network in China

The integrated and multi-energy project proposed by EDF provides the city of Sanya, a popular touristic destination, an effective solution to tackle with emerging ecological and energy challenges with growing number of visitors.

In Sanya, a seaside city in the subtropical Hainan Province, EDF in partnership with Changfeng Energy builds and operates a district cooling system which supplies chilled water for air conditioning.

The network provides quality energy services to high-end hotels, shopping centers and hospital which are located along the Haitang Bay, a fast-developing tourist area.

  • 3.4 million m²

    Effective surface area (by mid-2022, built network covered surface areas over 2.7 million m2)

  • 20%

    COreduction compared to using individual and isolated systems

  • 70 000 tonnes

    Less of CO2 each year

With the support of EDF’s R&D Center in China, EDF proposes a multi-energy system which innovatively integrates and optimizes different types of cooling. 

In addition to the use of high-performance chillers, the cold is also stored in the ice overnight when there is low demand for air-conditioning and the cost of electricity is less expensive. The heat released when generating cold is recovered for the supply of sanitary hot water to the local hotels.

This project contributes to supporting low-carbon development of the city. In the future, this project also plans to integrate more clean and renewables solutions such as photovoltaic panels into the district energy network. The tri-generation system, with the simultaneous generation of ice water, hot water and electricity, will maximize the overall efficiency of the installation.

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