EDF’s district heating work brings added value to the city of Sanmenxia in terms of the quality of service, reliability, efficiency and respect for the environment.

Sanmenxia is the first district heating network that EDF has launched in China. For this purpose, a joint venture has been established between EDF (65%) and Datang Group (35%) in July 2016. The construction and renovation of the city’s heating network started the same year.

  • 12 million m²

    The heating area of Sanmenxia district heating network in 2020

The operation of the network is based on the heat recovered from two existing Datang power plants, one of which (DSPC) is partly owned by EDF (35%). 2x17 km backbone pipes have been built to connect the thermal power plants to the distribution networks in several industrial and business districts of the city.

The commissioning of the network started in November 2016. After the first successful season of heating, the municipality of Sanmenxia granted EDF with a new concession zone in 2017.

A 24/7 client service has been set up in order to meet customers’ demands in a timely manner. Furthermore, this project contributes to supporting the low carbon development the city as heat recovery from power plants generate no additional dust and CO2 emission and replaced the old coal-fired boilers previously used for heating.

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