Creates a smart, attractive and sustainable world of light.

In the city of Kunming (capital city of Yunnan Province, with a population of 8.6 million inhabitants in 2023), EDF operates the public lighting of 160,000 lighting points, through its subsidiary Citelum Kunming.

At the end of 2008, Citelum S.A (later became a subsidiary of EDF Group) entered into a partnership with Kunming Municipal Government of Yunnan Province, to provide urban lighting operation and maintenance services for a period of 15 years, together with the Kunming Municipal Administration. According to the agreement, Citelum Kunming was established to ensure the execution of the agreement. In 2021, due to internal restructure of EDF Group, Citelum Kunming became a new member in the family of EDF China.

  • TIll 2024


  • Over
    160 000

    Lighting points

With the lighting rate and the facility integrity rate both above 99.9%, Citelum Kunming escorts for the bright night in the Spring city.

About Citelum

A world leader in lighting, Citelum delivers solutions for a wide range of related service areas, such as public lighting, traffic management, smart parking, video protection, Li-Fi, air quality sensors. More than 1,000 municipalities in France and around the world have already placed their trust in Citelum, including Copenhagen, Barcelona, Madrid, Rome, Venice, Mexico City, São Luis and Santiago.

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